Composite decking for the balcony – for years to come

Are you planning to refurbish your balcony? Are you looking for inspiration? Are you deciding between tiles and composite decking? The answers you are looking for are in here.

A composite balcony: not only for city dwellers

Composite decking is durable and resistant to the elements. There is no problem adapting it to any shape of floor space. Forget about laborious and expensive maintenance, as we discussed in this article. The decking was not designed solely for terraces - it is perfect for balconies, for that cosy garden feel right in the heart of a city. It is also ideal for multi-family houses or hotels at seaside resorts, in the mountains of by the lakeside.

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Design inspirations: wanted!

Modern residential architecture is increasingly interested in creating spaces and caring for the residents' comfort - alternatives are sought for basic and soulless architectural behemoths in order to retrieve their lost charisma. With that in mind, architectural studios often reach for spacious balconies and loggias to instil a modern and cosy feel to interiors.

Examples of such designs include the Swiss Garden Tower apartment blocks with protruding balconies and climbing shrubs, community housing in Berlin with spacious balconies or the mosaic balconies idea in Poznań.


The mysterious.... balcony! What potential is it hiding?

There is a plethora of options for your balcony - an oasis of clam, and additional "room" or place for people to meet. It can also be an expression of its user's artistic inclinations. If looked after, bursting with greenery, it can be a heaven for those seeking peace and quiet. Summer is the time when we spend most time on a balcony, idling on our favourite deckchair, reading a book or chatting with those dearest to us. Its appearance affects the mood of guests and hosts.
It is also a place where cumbersome items and tools can be stored, which would otherwise be in the way, especially in smaller apartments and houses without garages. Additionally, if well composed into the architecture, it will make the entire building more attractive, elegant and pleasant to look at!


Looking for the best results - what to do and what to avoid?

In opting for greenery, pay attention the direction your balcony is facing and the needs of the plants you are choosing! Not every species likes a lot of sunlight, some plants will have larger water and fertiliser requirements and some may be particularly susceptible to changing weather conditions or pests. A balcony - particularly on the ground floor - is also inviting for the unwanted guests! To avoid unpleasant surprises, think about enclosing it and avoid keeping expensive items there.

Rain or snow, dust, freezing temperatures and leaves - these things are a nightmare not only for terrace owners but also those with balconies. As we mentioned at the outset, composite decking will significantly reduce the owner's headaches - they are resistant to extreme weather conditions, easy to clean and do not require impregnation.

Arrange the perfect balcony: a reflection of your inner self!

You can customise your balcony so that it matches your interior design and obtain a shape and size which you can arrange as you see fit. Remember that a beautiful balcony corresponds with the with the surroundings and echoes the character and passions of its users! If you want to establish a green heaven, then consider urban jungle style, which will transform your balcony into a lavish garden! Brown composite decking will add a touch of mystery to its appearance and will be a perfect match for its natural look. It will also be an ideal surface for blankets and cushions - often seen on balconies of this type instead of classic furniture.


Scandinavian style is also green and natural, albeit much more toned down. Minimalistic shape and neutral colour furniture and flowerpots are to be found here. Light or brown composite decking in cooler shades will be right - it will go hand in hand with the whites, greys and black touches.

A Provence style balcony is an alternative lying between opulence and elegant minimalism. Similarly to Scandinavian style, it shies away from bright colours - however it creates an impression of being somewhat messy and romantic. Delicate greys, violets and pale greens are the modus operandi.

For other balcony arrangement inspirations (and much more!) click here. Draw inspiration from these ideas and see various styles of completed Hartika composite decking projects.

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