Enjoy a beautiful and long-lasting terrace

Hartika Terrace Systems have been developed with your long-term convenience in mind, making painting and renovating a thing of the past. We are able to guarantee the durability of our composite decking as it is manufactured in our factories out of wood fibre we obtain ourselves and then capped with PVC.

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Tarasy Hartika

Enjoy a beautiful terrace –
and forget about renovation

A terrace is the soul of any garden. It is perfect whether relaxing after a challenging day, barbequing with friends or enjoying quality family time. It is also exposed to the elements, at the mercy of fluctuating temperature, rain, snow, hail, fire, bird droppings and... time.

In conditions such as these, where durability is essential, with Hartika composite decking you can be confident that your terrace, fence or balcony will remain beautiful for years to come. Hartika composite decking delivers protection against decay, rot and fading. Requires no impregnation and is maintenance free, saving time associated with drawn out maintenance and costs of refurbishments, replacing joists and boards. The smooth surface of the biocomposite means children's hands and feet are no longer at risk of splinters when playing.

Hartika for the developer -
an investment which pays off.

Composite wood is an attractive and fashionable material, one which designers and architects reach for ever more often when working on contemporary buildings. It is widely adopted when designing homes and gardens, and particularly: terraces, fences, swimming pools, façades or interiors.

Opting for Hartika composite decking you are meeting trends head on - whilst ensuring your investment remains profitable. We manufacture biocomposite using the toughest PVC technology available today, one which unlike cheaper substitutes imported from China, delivers highest resistance to wear and tear, decay and temperature fluctuations. That is why choosing our products you have the peace of mind that you are elevating the attractiveness of your investment and consolidating your image on the developer market. It is also a sure way to avoid complaints.

taras kompozytowy deska tarasowa ogród Hartika
Tarasy Hartika

Hartika for the building manager - quality and savings.

Composite wood is a durable and reliable material. An attractive alternative for other materials. It combines the beauty of natural wood, durability of concrete slabs and resistance delivered by plastics.

In deciding on composite decking for your balcony, fencing or swimming pool, you are compounding your benefits. The residents will be able to enjoy natural, modern and safe surroundings. The Hartika composite wood system saves time, energy and money. Our decking comes with a 25 year guarantee against decay and does not require impregnation or painting - which means you will not have to spend money on replacing or renovating it. It is more durable than PE and PP composite decking - it will not become brittle and will keep its shape without becoming skewed.

Order a Hartika terrace

Are you looking for the perfect terrace? Contact our recommended contractors.

With your convenience in mind we work with the best composite terrace designers and builders. With a peace of mind you can trust them to design and/or install your Hartika original composite wood system terrace.

Let professional experts do it for you. You will be able to enjoy a beautiful terrace for years to come on the strength of a one-off investment.

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