Hartika composite terraces and fencing. Long lasting beauty.

We are a Polish manufacturer of terrace and fencing composite wood systems. We supply inspiring solutions, which permanently transform homes and gardens whilst actively caring for the environment. A combination of wood fibres obtained in an eco-friendly manner and an innovative PVC coating system ensures Hartika composite wood reliability.


  • 25 year guarantee
  • exponentially more durable than wood
  • decay and rot resistant
  • optimal surface hardness


  • freedom to design any terrace or fencing
  • natural colours - 5 stylish shades
  • brushed wood texture
  • original profile system


  • no impregnation or maintenance required
  • easy to clean
  • colour choices - no painting required
  • smooth and pleasant to the touch, splinter and knot free


  • Hartika environmentally friendly biocomposite contains 50% carefully selected wood dust
  • may be recycled
  • as a producer, Hartika implements the principles of circular economy

Hartika composite wood: inspired by nature

Ice capped mountain tops, scorching desert sands, rainforests - the secret of longevity and strength are hidden in each and every ecosystem. To discover it, we visited the wildest and harshest corners of the world.

We observed the power of nature - as well as the determination of those pioneers, who learned how to build houses resistant to temperature fluctuations, rain, freezing temperatures, sea water as well as many other agents and conditions which bring about the destruction of wood.

And the inspiration to create Hartika composite wood came from just that experience. We have combined the beauty of natural wood with a reliable and eco-friendly composition technology. The resulting composite boards deliver durability many times that of traditional timber.

This means that Hartika terraces and fences remain beautiful and smooth for years, permanently transforming the appearance of your home and garden - despite the passage of time.

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